Licensing Footage from the ESPN & ABC Sports Collections

Engage your audience with the most inspirational moments from sports history

[Professional inquries only, please — ESPN cannot fulfill personal requests]

Best Moments in Sports

Spanning the Globe

For over 40 years, ESPN and ABC has been “spanning the globe” to bring the constant variety of sport that fans crave.

Unparalleled Moments

Some of the most inspirational and crowning moments in sports are contained in the vast archives of ESPN and ABC.

Sports Anniversaries

Transcendent moments from history come to life via our library.  2018 brings the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Olympics’ Black Power Salute.

ESPN/ABC Sports Footage

The ESPN/ABC Sports Footage archive covers over 60 years of sporting events from all over the world.  We cater to the documentary, news and advertising industry as well as independent footage researchers.

ABC News VideoSource

ABC News VideoSource is the footage licensing division for ABC News. Our historically rich content is comprised of the unbranded B-Roll shot by award winning ABC News camera crews. Our footage is available to be licensed in television programming, documentaries, feature films, music videos, educational projects, corporate films, web based projects and more.