All requests for footage and or price quotes must to be submitted in writing. Price quotes will be provided only after a written request with complete rights information or submission of our footage request form. You will not be automatically charged upon receipt of your request form – we will contact you to discuss your request.

Preview dubbing fees start at a minimum of $150 and vary according to the size of the order.

Master orders based on preview tapes are expected to include source tape information and shot descriptions to accompany the time code selections. This will speed up the ordering process and help eliminate dubbing errors.

Network news programs ordering “blind” directly to master under a tight deadline are subject to a 50% “kill” fee, plus all applicable research & dubbing charges.

Master orders will not be released or request authorized until ESPN has received a signed footage licensing agreement. 

Please note that promotional use of ESPN material is not granted in our standard footage licensing contract. This is not to be confused with commercial use, which can be licensed at a per-second rate. ESPN cannot grant you the rights to exploit the names, likenesses, or trademarks of any persons, participants, or organizations featured in the footage or any music that may be included with it. 

Any use of Howard Cosell material requires additional clearance from his estate. 

ESPN does not license footage of accidents, injuries, violent crashes or interview footage.

Shipping charges are the responsibility of the client.